If a person is confronted with a complex judicial problem and trying to look for information, he will rapidly ask himself the following question : « where could I find a specialist who can help me? » Though the specialization exists, the client not informed can only rely for a long time on the advices only given by his lawyer.

That's why, since 2006, the lawyers' Swiss Federation (SBA, Swiss bar association) has created a new certification that allows lawyers to specialize in five fields: law on labour, on inheritance, on construction and real estate, on family law, and on civilian responsibility and insurances. The lawyers having the title of « Certified specialist SBA » are certified experts in one or other of these fields

Only lawyers who are back to school become specialists FSA. They have in fact to follow intensive courses oriented on practice, to succeed in an examination and be heard by a commission of experts. To be admitted to follow courses, they should have particularly developed knowledge in the chosen specialization and have a practical experience of at least five years as lawyer. This last condition guarantees that once becoming specialists they will always be in a position to advice and represent their clients with efficiency in all sectors even including those which are not concerning their own specialization.